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"Best Natural Perfumer" ~Ca Fleure Bon Niche Perfume Magazine
CARDAMOM ROSE  ~Holiday Gift Guide ~Essence Magazine
 THERAPEUTATE PARFUMS ".....not just good, but rich, complex, balanced distinctive compositions made with hella good materials." ~Luca
Turin, Perfumes I Love
HALO/gm "....Easily the most wearable Oud you'll find, 16+ hours of longevity and honestly this scent is so refined and pleasant, and at times mezmerizing." ~Thebeck@Basenotes
CARDAMOM ROSE "....leaves me a deep Arabic sense of wonderment- similar to the dizzying awe when lost in the repetition of mosaic tile or the hypnotic calligraphy of the written script.~Ensof, Cafleurebon
CARDAMOM ROSE  "....a beautifully balanced blend and one of the most unique-smelling natural perfumes I've encountered in some time." ~Jodi Battershell, Fragrantica
THERAPEUTATE PARFUMS "....are born to make us feel sexy, elegant and refined. They recite poems, that make us travel, and create magic." ~Simony Sivalli,